Word, Rhythm and Revolution: The poets of Latin hip hop

If language is a continuous oscillation of phrases and verbal associations governed by a secret rhythm, the reproduction of that rhythm will give us power over words … The poetic creation consists, to a large extent, in this voluntary use of rhythm as an agent of seduction. Even though today they normally exist as independent artistic trends, the beginnings of poetry and those of the song probably occurred in the same birth. It is recorded in the cuneiform letter of the Sumerian empire; it is a record of one of the first songs of more than four thousand years ago, the Song of Gilgamesh, an epic poem that was sung. In its sense of transmitting, it means that through sounds in rhythm, whether words or notes, poetry and music are related and reciprocal arts.

In our country, we have always understood this relationship well. In our musical traditions there are numerous intimate interweaving between the two arts.

Latin hip hop based on the classical rhymes of the MC accompanied by DJ, renews our poetic-musical traditions with a new sense of urban poetry. Disseminated throughout the world after emerging in the late 1960s in Afro-American and Latin American communities in New York’s popular neighborhoods, hip hop has become global as the music of resistance. It is characterized by all the qualities feared by dictators, and armed by young people who also express themselves in dance and graffiti; it is played out in demonstrations and popular revolts. Do Like That shows the spirit although its lyrics don’t directly talk about political movements. Want to know? Get Do Like That Korede Bello MP3 Free Download here!

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Even, in the manifesto of the First Congress of Activators and Militants of the Venezuelan Hip Hop Movement affirms its commitment in a forceful way: “HipHop is one of the expressions of the creative power of the people; it is a culture that originally occurs in conditions of poverty, in the most forgotten, marginalized and oppressed spaces of society. We assume ourselves as a movement of resistance that confronts capitalism and its systems of domination. “

Now, hip-hop isn’t all about rebellion. This music also voices other aspects of human life. Love, family struggle and even heartbreak. Hip-hop is now also colored by elements from the continent that is the “origin continent” of almost all hip-hop musicians, Africa. Africa spread its influence through many world-class rap musicians. One of the best is Ice Prince. Ice Prince is a Nigerian musician who “rocked” the world of music with his hits. Another good example is Wizkid. Just download Jaiye Jaiye by Wizkid and get African tastes!

In its development, elements from Africa mixed with Latin elements. The two of them form a special new rhythm, emphasizing the energetic side of Africa and the romantic side of Latin. Ice Prince magician lyrics have been successful in relation to the efforts of the Nigerian musicians to harmonize all the effects that hip-hop has had since the beginning of its birth. Nothing in this world has not changed and if there is anything eternal, it is the change. All change no exception for music and how humans use it.

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