The Technology Behind E-Cigarettes

When you first hear of it, electronic cigarettes sounds like a pretty weird idea. How do you have a cigarette that is electronic? However, for those who are familiar with vaping, which is an inhalation method that preceded e-cigarettes, then the idea is less strange. The e-cigarette turns a liquid solution into vapor, which is then inhaled by the consumer. The basic difference between it and an ordinary cigarette, is that no smoke is involved. The technology behind the e-cigarette and its development is discussed below.

Components of an E-Cigarette

The E-cigarette Club best electronic cigarette is made up of three basic components. These are a battery, a vaporizing chamber and a cartridge. The lithium battery is usually rechargeable, and is the source of energy for turning liquid into vapor. This energy is conveyed to the vaporizing chamber inside the cartridge. This charges the chamber which vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge into gas. The liquid itself mainly consists of nicotine, propylene glycol, water and glycerin. It is also enriched with various flavors.

How It Works

When you inhale at one end of the e-cigarette, the movement of air triggers the battery to charge the chamber which vaporizes the liquid into gas. The gas is then inhaled into the lungs. While this is happening, there is an LED light that comes on. The light resembles the red glow of a cigarette when inhaled. When the user exhales the vapor, it condenses in the air, creating a thick fog. This fog resembles the smoke exhaled by an ordinary smoker. E-cigarettes are made to resemble ordinary cigarettes as much as possible, both in design and function.

Re-usable E-cigarettes

Some of the e-cigarettes are re-usable. This means that the battery can be recharged and the cartridge refilled for later use. This has proved economical for some users, since they only need to refill the cartridge and they are back in business.

Non Disposable Types

Others are disposable. You can only use them once, until the liquid runs out, then dispose of them. This makes them work just like ordinary cigarettes, which are smoked once and thrown away. They are cheap enough for smokers to sustain, but they are a real waste. Most users tend to prefer the re-usable type.

Improvements on E-Cigarettes

There have been various improvements on e-cigarette technology since they were first invented. These improvements have mainly been due to user feedback and research information. There has been a second, third and fourth generation version of the cigarettes. Generally, the cigarettes have tended to become a little larger and more efficient than the original ones.

E-Cigarette is new Technology

The e-cigarette is made of a new and efficient technology. Its components are the cartridge, which contains the liquid solution, the vaporizing chamber and the battery which powers it. It is triggered to work by the inhalation of the user, which activates the battery to charge the vaporizer. When the vapor is exhaled, it is condensed when it hits the air, forming a thick fog. Some of the cigarettes are disposable, while others are re-usable. The technology used keeps improving.

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