The Best Manga Titles at Your Fingertips

Stay on top of your favorite manga series with the best manga readers right in your front pocket. Do you prefer mainstream or indie manga? Browse through libraries with countless options that you’ll love and stay on top of the latest releases for your favorite titles. So, get comfortable in your chair and enjoy your next manga adventure.

If you are always searching for new manga to read or have some favorites in mind, you will find anything you need. Choose from great titles like Bleach, Berserk, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Super and Attack on Titan! Take your manga with you anywhere you go with our top picks for the best manga readers.

High-quality Manga with Shonen Jump Manga Reader

Shone Jump Manga Reader is one of the most popular manga readers available for your phone. All the titles are available to read for free, so you won’t need to pay a cent. Stay on top of the latest manga series, with weekly updates for all your favorites. Shonen Jump Manga Reader boasts highly accurate English to Spanish translations, so you can rest assured you won’t see any of the awkward conversions you might find on illegal sites. An intuitive and clean interface makes the whole reading experience extremely pleasant. Easily search and browse through an immense manga library to find your next addiction. Don’t want to fall behind on your favorite manga series? Subscribe and find out as soon as the latest chapters are available! You can also read through old chapters if you need to catch up on a series.

Stay on top of the latest Manga with LINE WEBTOON

An immense library with over 7,000 manga series and 170 comics is at your fingertips with LINE WEBTOON. New titles are added daily so you can stay on top of the latest releases and explore new options to expand your collection. Are you eager for that next chapter to come out? Subscribe to your favorite series to find out when the latest chapters are available and be informed of any major events. With such a diverse selection to choose from, casual readers and expert manga fans will have all they could ever want or need. Conveniently carry your favorite manga with you anywhere you go and enjoy it all for free!

Discover new titles with Manga Reader (Android) & Manga Fox (iOS)

Manga Reader (Android) and Manga Fox (iOS) are a great choice to expand your manga collection at no extra cost. Manga Reader boasts some of the best manga titles by sourcing from major collections like Kiss Manga and Manga Panda. Find everything you need in one place and take your library with you to read offline later! For extra convenience, save your favorite titles and libraries to the cloud for easy access. Manga Reader also saves your progress, so you can quickly pick up where you last left off.

Looking for a new manga series to read? Manga Fox makes suggestions for new titles based on what you’ve read, making it easy to discover new favorites. As you read online, the next chapter is downloaded automatically in the background, so you won’t have to wait to continue reading!

Enjoy the greatest selection of manga titles anywhere you go with any of these manga readers. If you feel none of the listed apps is right for you, I’ll share a link to a useful website that lists apps by categories so you can check out.

Top Manga Readers

Whether you want to stay on top of your favorite series or discover new ones, you will find anything you need. Enjoy the best manga out there with many handy features right at your fingertips!

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