The All Time Marvel Known As Lathe Machine

The Lathe Machines are an essential part of any mainstream industry that is involved in metal spinning, wood turning and glass making. It is used for performing various operations such as drilling, cutting, knurling, creating tools by rotating on an axis. Lathe Machines are used to make products such as table legs, camshafts or candlestick holders. The machine was basically designed to hold an object into place and rotate it while another tool would be used to cut or shape the held object. The basic version that was used to cut cylindrical metal stock has now been developed to make drilled holes, screw heads, tapered work and crankshafts. The modern Lathe Machines used now a days come with various levels of rotating speeds and the option of manually or automatically move the cutting tool into the workspace.

Details of the parts of a lathe

  • The Bed

The bed is the base of the lathe on which the fixed part are mounted. They are made of single piece casting of toughened cast iron to which a limited amount of scrap steel is added while melting. This material facilitates an easy sliding action. The bed comes in two or more parts which can be bolted together to acquire the desired length of the table. The structure of these beds are heavy and sturdy which is apt for handling the vibrations of the machine while working. The rigid structure holds the machine securely in one place and helps to avoid deflection. The bed comes with guides and ways which helps to support the other parts of the machine. It is designed in such a way so as to bolt it easily on the floor of the workplace.

  • The Tool Post

The tool post of Lathe Machines is fitted by bolting it on top of the carriage. Its main work is to hold the tool in its specific position. The tool holder is placed on top of it. It is of utmost importance to place the tool post correctly without which the tool holder can not be placed.

  • The Chuck

The use of a chuck is to hold the workspace in place. It is fitted by bolting it securely on the spindle which in turn rotates the chuck and the work piece. Based on the requirement of the machine it can be of three jaw or four jaw.

  • The Head Stock

It is placed at the left side of the bed. It is the main body part f the bed. Also made by cast iron it acts as the holding device for the gear chain, pulley, spindle and other important parts.

The Tail Stock of lathe

The tail stock is placed on the bed. It is situated on the right side of the bed. The tail stock is essential as it supports the work whenever needed. Another function of this part is that it is used in drilling. Other important parts of the machine are lead screw, legs and carriage.

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