Tale of the Morale and Conscience

Morale provides one with the sense of right or wrong according what is taught or has been bestowed upon by others. Conscience on the other hand would help in avoiding the person doing wrong or taking up the risk in doing so. But sometimes even the conscience gives in and the person ends up doing the wrong. This may be due to lack of ethics and values.

First sight

The news reporter read this morning that some rare artifacts are being brought into the state for keepsakes at the museum. An official spots a dainty and gorgeous piece of jewelry in the artifacts brought in to the museum in the morning. His morale indicated to quietly slip in the necklace which otherwise he could not gift his wife out of his poor savings. But his conscience clicked in to indicate that if he does this crime, there is a sentence of years which shall permanently hinder him from even seeing his wife.

While his thoughts were debating against each other, a heavy pat came upon his shoulder. This was probably his senior and had come to inform the crew that all the artifacts need to be cleaned and polished, ready for being auctioned.

For one moment, he thought that his piece was lost. But he had another plan to be executed.

Day of the auction and night of the crime

Everyone is ushered and being seated for the auction. The stage is being prepared with the microcontrollers and audio enhancements. Waiters are serving refreshments to all the guests. And the artifacts are being prepared to be presented in front of the guests.

All the officials are on their walky-talkies, ready for the event to get started.

But something seemed fishy amidst this set up of a vanity fair.

An official turned up late at the event, closely just before it had began. The auction went quite well and even had earned enough for redevelopment as well as charity. No one suspected anything everything ended well with payments of the officials for their duty and support.

That night some official was very happy but not content at what he had done.

The necklace had been stolen!

The war of the mind and the conscience

The official surprised his newly wedded wife with the dainty piece of necklace he had managed to get away from the collection of the museum. Firstly, he was very happy that the piece was in his pocket before it got listed in the final list of the auction. Secondly, no evidence of the fact that the necklace was actually stolen by him. And lastly, no finger print and no close circuit camera footage to explain the act.

But, to thine own self be true, which implies that the truth of this theft was known to the official himself and no one else. He had to be true or honest to himself if not anyone else.

What this official planned and executed was extremely wrong. But, there are many such robberies or theft cases which are reported out of which only few are solved. Not all are aware that these keepsakes might have been of ancestral existence. Stealing such items may only raise a doubt that the missing keepsakes might actually be stolen.

News Reporter