Set Employees Up For Success During Performance Reviews

Performance reviews should be the culmination of a series of interactions with employees. You want workers coming away from a review with a better grasp of their importance to the company. It’s easier to accomplish this with good performance management system software. The information it provides helps you use a 30 60 90 day performance review to reinforce a worker’s value to the business.

Define Clear Metrics For Roles

Employees should have a clear understanding of how their performance will be measured based on their position at the company. An effective performance management solution allows you to enter the targets workers are expected to meet based on their role.

Leverage Your System Effectively

Find a system capable of letting you make frequent updates on the success workers are having meeting their goals. You should have the option of providing individual feedback directly to employees. Seeing it firsthand helps workers understand how their performance measures up prior to a 30 60 90 day performance review.

Engage Your Employees

Follow up any metric feedback with personal interaction. Let employees know they’re more than just individual data points in a system. This puts a personal touch on the feedback being offered to them.

Knowing you have a personal interest in their development and growth fosters loyalty in workers. This makes it easier to keep talented workers who feel appreciated by those in charge.

Explore All Current Competencies

Each role should come with expectations on what skills your employees should have. Make sure these competencies are documented for the roles and metrics you’ve set up in your performance management system.

If you find employees in need of help closing certain skills gaps, use your management system to outline a plan to get them the education needed. Establish a firm timeline to get this accomplished.

Make Sure People Fit Their Role

Use your time during performance reviews to get a sense of how a worker feels about the position they currently occupy. Go over what you’ve recorded about their interests. Find out if they’re open to exploring opportunities to branch out from their current role.

Outline all of the requirements for any new position they show interest in. Work together to map out possible paths they could take from their current role. Give employees with ambition and drive the chance make full use of their talents.

Your employees should walk into any 30 60 90 day performance review seeing it an opportunity. Use that period to reinforce their importance to the company and provide tangible input on how they factor into the business’s success.

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