Reasons Why You Should Consider Working In Singapore

According to a recent survey conducted by the government of Singapore, nine out of every ten workers of foreign origin are content working in the city-state. The republic has some of the best laws to protect intellectual property. It is a global financial and trading hub, including shipping and logistics, and one of the major tourism hubs in the region. Singapore has state of the art healthcare facilities, world class education institutions and equitable growth for all skilled and hard working professionals. The country ranks among the topmost nations in the world in regards to health, lifestyle and financial prosperity. Here are many such reasons why you should consider working in Singapore.

  • Singapore has the second most globalized economy among all developed nations in the world. It is also the second most prospering economy as per the Global Competitiveness Report for the year 2014-15. The company has robust institutions, people friendly policies and all facilitating factors for professionals and entrepreneurs to succeed in their fortes.
  • Singapore has some of the most lucrative salaries across industries, from banking and finance to hospitality and telecom, technology and healthcare to education and tourism among others. It is not just the software engineers and general practitioners who can earn well but also teachers in elementary schools.
  • Singapore has a progressive system for personal income tax. Very few countries in the world have such a transparent and simplistic system. It takes less than a minute to submit your income tax returns online. Incomes generated overseas and routed to the country don’t incur any tax.
  • Singapore is one of the most liberal countries in the world. Getting a permit to work and for residence in the island nation is easier than immigrating to any other developed country in the world. The republic is actually proactive in sourcing talented people from across the region and beyond.
  • The country has one of the most efficient bureaucracies in the world. This is one of the key reasons why getting permits for work or even permanent residence and starting a business becomes so easy. There is no language barrier per se because the most common language used for all types of communication or correspondence is English.
  • Singapore has world class educational institutions and healthcare facilities. People from across the region embark on medical tourism to take advantage of the multispecialty hospitals in Singapore.
  • Singapore has the best labor force in the world. This is not a claim made by the government but acknowledged by independent agencies based in Europe, North America, Japan and China. The country allows entrepreneurs to set up their business in just three days. Nowhere in the world is it so simple to start a business. The available pool of talent in every industry also makes it easier to run a business on the island nation.
  • Violent crimes are unheard of. Even petty crimes are rare. There is also no corruption in the city state. Political stability, transparency and an impartial omnipotent ombudsman make sure everyone has equal rights and no one is unfairly treated.

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