Massachusetts Lottery – Lottery May Go Online Like Sports Betting

Sports betting and online lotteries are on a rise, but still, they are not legal in many parts of the world and Massachusetts is one such place. People in these places are trying hard to convince the lawmakers to legalise it.

There was a ruling by the Supreme Court, which enabled each state to legalize sports betting. After that ruling, the Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker has said that the state will look into this possibility as it can be a good option for a revenue stream.

The issue was supposed to be addressed this year and the Treasurer Deborah Goldberg said – “If Massachusetts lawmakers are going to legalize sports betting and allow people to place wagers online or through smartphone apps, the Massachusetts Lottery must also be granted the authority to sell its gaming products online.”

The online lottery has gained popularity in recent years with many online portals coming up. They allow the players to access all major international lotteries sitting comfortably in their homes. One such popular online portal is Lottoland, which has evolved as the world leader in offering online platforms over time. Its popularity has increased to such a level that it is coming up with new products and websites to cater to its users and is soon opening up one new website in India.

With the revenue stream on a continuous increase with the introduction of online platforms, several states are looking forward to tapping it by making it legal in their areas. Though lottery sells in Massachusetts and its current products generate almost 70 billion rupees a year, it cannot keep generating the same revenue going forward. This is because the players are getting newer options online, which are more convenient to play. The younger generation prefers the online options that can be accessed on their mobile devices.

Though not much was done in this regard by the Massachusetts lawmakers, now few of them have shown interest and filed legislation to play sports wagering legal. With sports betting getting legalized and available online, there is a high probability that the lottery will also be accessible online. With the sports wagering bill rolled out by Governor Charlie Baker, the online-only operators and the state’s casinos are allowed to take wagers on online platforms. This is seen as starting a new revenue stream that will be substantial.

Those states that have already started offering online lottery games are generating huge revenues. So far, 11 out of the 44 states have started it and New Hampshire has generated net revenue of more than 92 million rupees in their first twelve weeks alone. When the world is changing around Massachusetts, it’s high time that they should also do something and have a level playing field with others.

Although the issue was taken up by the Massachusetts Senate in 2016 too when it voted with 22-17 in favour of lottery going online, no progress happened on it. The legislators were busy with the legalization and regulation of fantasy sports and other online games and all talks about getting lottery online were put on the back burner.

Now the chances of getting the Massachusetts Lottery look promising and if it happens it will be a great victory for people who were fighting for it.

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