Is Your Home Business Connected with Consumers?

In running a business from home, do all you can to make and keep connections with consumers.

That said; are you sure you have everything up and running at home to do this?

Connecting with consumers goes beyond the initial introduction.

You want to build a lasting relationship with them that will keep them a customer for many years to come. If you are unable to do this, it can mean your competition wins out.

So, is your home business connected with consumers?

Start with Your Internet Connection

To see how you can be better connected with the public, review your Internet connection.

Unfortunately, some home business owners have Internet connections that are mediocre at best. As a result, it can mean frustrated customers and lost business.

It would be worth your time to review the different satellite Internet providers. This is especially key if your current Internet connection is leaving you hanging.

So, it could well be worth it for you to look at Internet access through HughesNet or another such provider.

Take the time to compare and contrast Internet providers available to you. When you do, you may well discover that you have been with the wrong provider up to now.

Along with the importance of your connection, see how much time it takes to respond to customers.

As an example, you sell a certain product and a customer receives their order on a Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, the order got mixed up and the customer did not get the right product or products.

As a result of this, the customer reaches out to you with a phone call and gets an answering machine. They also send your home business an email to alert you to the problem. Now, how long will it take you to respond?

In the event you wait until Monday, you may well be able to kiss that customer goodbye. You could also see damage done to your company’s image.

Even if you can’t solve the problem until the next day, email or call the customer. Do this to let them know you are on top of the situation.

Is Your Website Connecting with the Public?

Still another key in staying connected with customers from your home is your website.

Do you have a home business website you can be proud of?

The right website can make up for some deficiencies your business may have.

As an example, you sell products from your home but you will never be able to compete on the scale of an Amazon.

What you lack in brand notoriety you can get in part by going the extra mile for your customers with your website.

Make sure your website offers the following:

  • Download – If customers must take forever to download your site, it can send them elsewhere.
  • Organization – A sloppy website is also a deterrent to doing business.
  • Imagery – Even if you have a lot of information you want to put out there on your website, mix in some imagery. A dull site can turn customers off too.
  • Contact info – Last, be sure you have easy-to-find contact information on your site.

In connecting with consumers from your home business, are you doing the best job you can?

If not, get to work on making more connections.

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