In What Way Social Media Is Used By Small Businesses?

Most of the small businesses use social media these days. At a survey, it is found out that seventy per cent or almost three-fourths of small business has social media account and are actively using them. Sixteen per cent says that they are planning to take advantage of social media in the near future. Amongst them only thirteen per cent small business owners say that they don’t have any plan to go with social media.

The businesses that are using social media are new. Almost forty-seven per cent started using social media before 27, and twenty-four per cent started using social media from last year.

Popular Platforms of Social Media for Small Businesses

Nothing to be surprised with that Facebook is the most popular platform amongst the small business owners; it is used by around eighty-six per cent. After Facebook Instagram is used by forty-eight per cent, the more free Instagram likes you can make and the more engagement you make, your brand is going to be famous on Instagram. Following Instagram very close is YouTube, it has forty-six per cent small business owners, twitter forty-four per cent, LinkedIn thirty-one per cent, and Snapchat twenty-five per cent.

Who are the one posting most?

It is seen that most of the women use social media for personal use, and so as for business too. The per cent of women using social media for their business purpose is around seventy-two per cent, whereas men sixty-six per cent.

It is seen that around seventy-nine per cent of social media users for business are of eighteen to thirty-four years of age.

A popular type of business posts on Social Media platforms

Images are posted maximum in the social media platforms, and it accounts for around fifty-four per cent. Following are some popular content posts:

  • offers and promotions of fifty-two per cent
  • reviews of forty-nine per cent
  • videos of forty-four per cent
  • blog posts of forty per cent
  • data and research of thirty-three per cent

Above given every type of content, the post is great and are important. Posts containing images are seen to be gaining more attention compared to text-only contents. A smart idea these days coming up is sharing your business reviews. It is the habit of social media users to love great information and sharing them, sharing good blogs, sharing good data and research work.

How often are posts made in social media by small businesses?

Small businesses are going a good job if it comes to how often they make their posts on social media. Around fifty-two per cent of small businesses makes at least one post per day, whereas around seventy-nine per cent makes post weekly.

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