How to play winning poker

Whenever you choose poker as your game, then the next thing you want to become is a winning player. For you to achieve this dream, then you’ve to be a tight player. A tight player plays fewer hands; this means you’re focusing only on quality hands, which makes it easier for you when playing on later streets.

And how do you play winning poker?

Everyone knows how to play poker but very few of these know how to win. Whether you want to continue with a hand or not is the initial decision you need to make before the flop. Here, you’re making a pre-flop decision for every individual hand you play. Playing loose pre-flop would only cost you money unnecessarily. Thus, the first strategy to winning in poker is to learn to play tight before the flop.

Play the best hands before the flop

The very best of your starting hands is what you should play before the flop. Look for only monster hands like AA, KK, QQ and such. Again, play top-pair hands using a good kicker. You can also try speculative hands, hands that flop big and take down big pots. Avoid all other hands as much as possible because they are difficult to play after the flop and they show negative expectation. A hand like K-5s looks impressive but the looks are very deceiving since it’s a very weak hand.

Don’t allow flush to fool you

A poor starting is a dangerous road toward success, this cannot be remedied by flushes, nope, just stop limping weak hands. If you use a hand like A-K, you are sure that if it hits the flop, you’ll make flop with the best kicker and therefore at showdown, you’ll not be kicked out. Here, you confidently know your standing in the hand and guesswork is minimized.

Don’t take it too far

When you get used to playing tight, there is a temptation that you want to be selective and only play kings, queens and aces, and fold every other thing. This would be an extremely tight play. As much as it makes it easier at later streets, this kind of a game is not profitable. Do not play every hand that comes your way but again, for you to gain much; you’ve to play a good mix of other hands while holding tight to that strategy.

The secret is to fold the weak hands and play strong hands aggressively. Start out with quality, make it tight from the start and see yourself reap the benefits.

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