How Changing Seasons Affect Pet Cats?

Is your pet showing sign of rashes and red spots all over its skin? Well, then there are all chances of it having got infected with ticks and mites. Ticks often reside in closed corners, between bushes and places that are dirty. Come summer, its percentage increases in the air. Pets like cats and dogs become more susceptible to breed these parasites on their skin considering them running into bushes and plants while strolling.

What do parasites do to skin?

Parasites like fleas and mites find a cozy place in the skin of animals likes cats and dogs. They are too minute to be visible in naked eye. However, when left untreated, they start to breed and feed on your pet’s skin leading to rashes and swelling of extremities. The possible solution and relief can be found in the Revolution for Cats, that’s tailor-made for treating infections affecting cats. These can be anything from hookworm and roundworm infections of intestines or that of skin allergies caused due to fleas and parasites.

Why opt for Revolution?

Revolution contains an important ingredient called the Selamectin. This active ingredient is known for creating a protective shield over the body of cats, which prevents it’s from parasites. The product is available in two variables Revolution for Cats and another for dogs that are particularly designed keeping in mind its breed and body type.

It aids cats against intestinal worms, fleas or ticks offering relief, however, better consult your vet before application.

No need of prescription

Although Revolution for Cats is an FDA approved product yet it is recommended to foremost consult the veterinarian in order to know about the proper dosage and concentration that is suitable for your cat’s breed. In addition, never replace it in place of any other medication prescribed by the vet without prior consultation.

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