Follow This Strategy To Always Win in Online Tennis Betting


If you are a tennis fan, it may be lucrative for you to bet on the sport. However, without the right tennis betting strategies, you may not get the anticipated returns on your wagering. Read on to learn the tricks on winning with tennis betting.


Tennis is played nearly throughout the year and you will get many opportunities to bet on the sport before each game or during a game. To maximize your chances of winning every time you bet, here are some tennis betting strategies that you can use.

Take into Consideration the Form of the Player

Before choosing a player to back, it is important you consider the form of the player and how they have been playing in the last few matches. This will help you decide whether betting on the player is the right move or you should look for another player. Just remember, you will need to know everything about the player, including their health, before wagering.

Don’t Rely too Much on Head-to-Head Records

When you are watching tennis, one of the statistics that will be presented to you will be head-to-head record of the two players. While tennis gurus love this statistics, it does not reveal too much about who will win. Even if a player is leading head-to-head against another player, they could end up losing in the match you bet on.

Take Advantage of Pre-Match Drifters

Players’ odds will drift quite a bit before a match. This could be due to fitness concerns, health issues, or even lack of motivation. Reading everything about the player and keeping a close watch on player-related news will allow you to opt for a player who has the best chances of winning the match.

Study How Players React in Pressure Situations

If you are opting for in-play tennis betting, always study the players well to see how they react in the game when they are under pressure. There are many tennis players who are renowned for saving or converting breakpoints while there are others who just crumple under pressure. You want to avoid betting on latter players.

Don’t Let Fan Favorites Affect Your Tennis Betting

Roger Federer is a fan favorite and he evokes nostalgia of the time when he was ruling the tennis courts as the undisputed number one. However, things have changed a lot. He has been replaced on the field by younger and fitter players. Learn to keep your emotions aside and forget about fan favorites. Instead, look at each player objectively and then decide which way to go.

Bet Against the Crowd Favorite

Crowds watching a match in the stadium always favor the underdog, but it is not necessary that the player will win. Crowds try to motivate the player with raucous cheering to get them to make a match out of it so that the spectators get their money’s worth. You should always bet on the better player to improve your chances of winning.

These some tennis betting tricks that you can use to ensure you always come up on the top. Also, make sure you find the right online sportsbook to place your wager. You can have the best betting tricks, but without a reliable and trustworthy site, your tricks and strategies will go for waste.

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