Whether working from home or watching the latest TV shows, your home should be fitted with the best broadband connection – here’s why.

Imagine this scenario: you use a laptop at home, have a mobile phone and now wish to buy a Smart TV. You will need a Wi-Fi connection for the Smart TV, but your local cable operator’s plans are not to your liking. So you turn to a leading provider like Airtel for a new broadband connection.

The best part about taking Airtel broadband is that you can connect up to 10 devices on the same connection at the same time, whether it is a Smart TV or a mobile phone. No need to use a mobile hotspot or a dongle for your laptop – just one broadband connection does it all.

Why connect broadband for your home?

You scarcely realise it, but there are multiple digital devices that require Internet connectivity simultaneously in the house. These include mobile phones of all family members, laptops/tabs, gaming consoles, Smart TVs or HD TVs connected to streaming devices like Chromecast/Firestick, etc.

These devices need to run on a good Wi-Fi connection that offers the fastest Internet speeds at always-on connectivity. Patchy network does not let devices run properly, and ruins the surfing experience with videos and files taking time to load, images freezing on the screen, apps not functioning properly, and so on.

Surf at ease whenever you like with an unlimited broadband connection for your home. Connect broadband to your home with Airtel, which has some of the best plans to offer in your city.

Why Airtel broadband?

Airtel broadband connections are comprehensively designed to offer you an all-round superb experience across all touchpoints, from installation to customer care.

  • On calling the Airtel customer care number or placing an order for a new broadband connection on the Airtel website, you receive a call to set up the installation and pick a plan most suitable to you, within just a couple of hours.
  • You get a free router, one-year Amazon Prime subscription and up to 100 Mbps speed on your Airtel broadband connection.
  • The installation is quick and unobtrusive, and the connection is made live in 24 hours. You will receive an alert about your information verification and subsequent activation from Airtel.
  • You can connect up to 10 different digital devices to Airtel broadband at the same time, with no drop in the speeds or network outages.
  • Airtel broadband offers some of the best plans in its category across all service providers. There are three main categories of plans: One month, 6 months and 12 months, and 5 plans under each. Airtel offers heavy discounts on opting for any of these plans online.
  • Your Airtel broadband connection offers speeds ranging from 40 Mbps to 300 Mbps, depending on the plan you choose.
  • Buying and maintaining the broadband connection is a breeze. Pay for it online, whenever the bill is generated.
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