Can a Man’s Age Affect A Couple’s IVF Success?

Infertility isn’t an interesting topic at all. But in case you are a man who has been bragging about how fertile you are even at the age of 50, you might want to read this. For ages, men weren’t familiar with things like biological clocks and of course, we saw many impregnate women at the age of 60 even more. These cases still occur today, but not like in the past.

Today, male infertility affects a number and the possible option for reproduction is IVF “In Vitro Fertilization”. Six years back, it was well known that the woman’s age definitely affects the couple’s IVF success chances, but the recent studies prove that the same applies to men.

A Woman’s Age Vs. A Man’s Age During IVF

Throughout their reproductive years, women produce eggs, but their quality and number is believed to decline with age. These generally affect the overall IVF treatment outcomes. While fertility experts have been more concerned about a woman’s age, the latest studies confirm how a man’s age can alter a couple’s IVF success chance.

Although it is uncommon for a man to impregnate a woman during his 60s and more, it has been identified that a man’s sperm quality largely declines after the age of 57. At this point, the sperm count and quality declines and in many cases, the sperms tend to be weak and immobile.

IVF & A Man’s Age!

In Vitro Fertilization is basically a procedure performed by combining a man’s egg and her partner’s sperms in a petri dish. Once fertilization occurs, the formed embryo is then transferred to the woman’s womb for development. However, there are a number of factors that influence the fertilization chances and the sperm quality is one of them.

Even though a man may remain fertile until 60 or more, the potency of his sperms to fertilize the eggs goes down because of several health reasons that include;

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Erectile dysfunction and related sexual problems.

On the other hand, a number of protocols must be followed at IVF centre to reduce the miscarriage risk that comes with age-advanced IVF couples. A majority of miscarriage incidences in IVF centres occurs due to chromosomal abnormalities.

According to a fertility expert at an advanced IVF Centre in India, older men have an increased risk of sperm defects or abnormalities triggered by medical reasons and lifestyle. In the case an abnormal sperm fertilizes the egg, the embryo will totally result in a miscarriage after it’s transferred.  

Fathering at an Advanced Age

Ideally, IVF centres generally deal with male infertility even in younger males. There are various triggers for it and the male infertility treatment in India or worldwide for male infertility remains similar. The latest findings are meant to alter men’s mentality of fathering at an advanced age.

Well, not all men can suffer from infertility or fail to impregnate a woman at a late age. The fact is men ought to be watchful of their habits and lifestyle. This is basically recommended to preserve their sperm quality and reduce the chances of IVF failure, most especially in older couples.

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